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Mari Materials

The complete painting package.
For heroes, backgrounds and everything in between.

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Courtesy of Gaël Kerchenbaum

Discover the Mari Materials System

Mari has always excelled in creating high quality hero assets. Now in addition to this formidable painting power, artists have the ability to quickly and easily create less complex, higher-volume assets. The new workflow enables artists to rapidly block out the look of an asset using material presets, without having to start from scratch.

Easily share and use materials

Easily bundle up and share material set ups in a single file, so team members can start working with them in a few clicks without searching for source files on the network.

Import and use 1000s of texture sets

Found the perfect PBR texture set for your asset? Quickly import, convert, and save any set of texture maps into a Mari material preset to grow your library.

Simple layering for materials

Achieve the specific look you need - such as dust over paint over metal - using a simple and familiar layer stack approach.

Get full control of material adjustments

Make channel-specific adjustments to your materials, using multi-channel groups, without affecting all previous layers in the stack.

Introducing a new Arnold shader

A new Autodesk-contributed shader allows artists that use the Arnold render engine to paint textures in Mari with a higher degree of confidence that their art will look correct in the final render.

Do more with the node graph

The node graph has been updated to enable more controlled complexity than previously possible, making it easier to wield and harness its potential. Group nodes now support multiple output ports for additional arbitrary data streams, it's easier to create knobs for gizmos or materials with in-line property promotion and artists can intuitively auto-connect multiple ports when connecting one pair of a set.

Multi-Output Group Node Support

Group nodes now support multiple output ports for multiple material channel and arbitrary data streams, unlocking more complex workflows.

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To celebrate the release of the new Mari Material System, we've teamed up with your favorite texture providers to offer discounts on 1000s of PBR materials. Start building your Mari materials library today!

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