How much could you save with Katana?

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"Moving to Katana was the best idea five years ago, and it still is today."

Neishaw Ali, President/Partner/Executive Producer of SpinVFX

Katana savings calculator

Enter the total estimated value of your project, the total estimated production costs and what % of those costs are attributed to lighters to see what savings and production efficiencies you could make.

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Why Katana?

Increase artist efficiency

Katana makes it easier for your team to work together effectively. Artists can share and reuse workflows, or manage multiple shots and sequences by themselves.

Increase deliverable quality

Katana's repeatable node-based workflows are very efficient, allowing you more creative iterations and a higher quality final result.

Increase production capacity

Katana loads massively complex files faster than any other tool. A Katana pipeline can expand to accommodate the most complex jobs, without huge changes in infrastructure.