Flix 6.0: story development to production, the easy way

December 6, 2018
5 p.m GMT | 9 a.m. PST

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What you’ll see:

I’ll be showing you how Flix 6.0 helps your team iterate story development with the least amount of effort, and eases the transition to shot production for high quality storytelling. We’ll focus on:

  1. How Flix makes storyboarding in Photoshop more efficient for story artists.
  2. How Flix helps everyone involved in a project to collaborate efficiently, removing communication barriers that delay projects.
  3. How Flix makes the round-trips between Story and Editorial a breeze thanks to its close integration with Adobe Premiere.

- Brice Banel, Flix Technical Product Manager


Brice Banel

Brice has a raft of experience with Flix, its workflows and use in the industry after his time as the Flix Support Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer and Creative Specialist over the past 6 years at Foundry, in London and Los Angeles.

Brice Banel